V-Lase Vaginal Rejuvenation

V-Lase Treatment

If you’ve noticed a significant decline in your sexual gratification, urinary control, and vaginal moisture, it might be time to schedule your first V-Lase treatment. This vaginal rejuvenation service uses a specially designed handpiece (connected to a CO2 Laser) to stimulate the collagen and elastin growth within the vaginal canal. After this quick and painless procedure, you can expect tighter tissue, healthier hydration and lubrication, increased sexual gratification, and better urinary control.


  • A healthier vagina with improved hydration and lubrication
  • Tightened vaginal canal
  • Better urinary control and improved sexual gratification
  • Improved vaginal atrophy
  • Reduction of UTI
  • Decreases pain during sex


  • Improvement of urinary inconsistency, intimate gratification, and overall vaginal health
  • Minimal discomfort with no recovery period
  • Quick and painless procedure
  • Immediate and long-lasting results

Perfect for Addressing...

Lack of Urinary Control

Dryness & Moisture Loss

Decreased Intimate Gratification



Before we schedule your V-Lase treatment, we do require a consultation to discuss the treatment, results, and process. Get in touch to schedule today!

Your V-Lase results will be immediate, but you’ll also notice them improving over time.

This treatment is virtually pain-free, and it’s over very quickly! If you’d like to discuss the process more, please speak with a team member.  

While this treatment can benefit any woman, it’s particularly beneficial to the middle-aged demographic. V-Lase treats symptoms that are often linked to aging and estrogen loss.

If you’re unsure if this treatment is right for you, give us a call to speak with one of our professional team members.

There is no recovery time with V-Lase, so you won’t have to worry about it disrupting your normal routine.