Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Toss that razor in the trash and say goodbye to unwanted hair, shaving bumps, and razor rash once and for all! Our permanent Fort Collins laser hair removal will leave you with smooth and supple skin that lasts a lifetime – eliminating the need for shaving and waxing altogether.

Because laser hair removal is extremely versatile, you can receive treatment wherever you’d like! The most popular treatment areas include underarms, legs, bikini area, back, and face. Here’s how the magic happens… 

Here at our Fort Collins medical spa, we use our Lutronic Clarity Laser Hair Removal device to release highly concentrated light into the hair follicles. When that light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair shaft, the heat damages the follicle’s growth pattern and inhibits future hair growth. Sounds pretty great, right?


  • Long-lasting results that significantly reduce hair growth and permanently remove hair in any given area
  • No downtime necessary after a laser hair removal treatment
  • Side effects are rare and minimal (often appearing like a sunburn)
  • Most patients can expect a 10-25%reduction in hair growth with each treatment


  • Depending on the treatment area, laser hair removal appointments can last 15 minutes to 1 hour.
  • The process is virtually painless with minor discomfort.
  • Results will improve after each laser hair removal treatment, but you’ll typically need 6 treatments to see a 70-80% reduction in hair growth.
  • Treatments should be spaced 4-6 weeks apart depending on the area.



Due to the nature of permanent hair removal, we do recommend a consultation before you begin treatment! This way, you can discuss your skin history and your desired results with one of our medical professionals and create the best plan.

Darker hair typically see better results from laser hair removal because the laser’s heat source is attracted to pigment. Blonde, gray, or lighter colored hair often does not have enough pigment, making traditional Fort Collins laser hair removal less effective.

Because laser hair removal only affects actively growing hair follicles, it typically takes at least 6 laser hair removal treatments to provide permanent, significant hair reduction.

The cost for laser hair removal will vary depending on the targeted area and the number of sessions. We recommend scheduling a complimentary consultation with our laser hair experts to learn more about your personalized recommendation.

The laser hair removal treatment process is virtually painless, but it can create a mild discomfort for some. If necessary, the treatment can be done with a numbing cream, but we do recommend cream application at least 45 minutes prior to the appointment. 

Because each session has been proven to reduce hair growth by 10-25%, we always recommend a minimum of 6 sessions. However, this can be adjusted per person! These results are tailored to the individual.

Skin may appear red or irritated after the laser hair removal procedure. However, this typically only lasts approximately 24 hours. We do recommend you avoid sun exposure or use sunblock for 2-4 weeks post treatment, and avoid any tweezing or waxing during that time.

The length of an appointment is entirely dependent on the area being treated. For example, an underarm laser hair removal session might take as little as 15 minutes, while a back treatment could take up to 1 hour. If you’re curious about time commitments, please feel free to give us a call at our Fort Collins medical spa!

This treatment is great anywhere! Most often, we concentrate on the face, back, underarms, legs and bikini area, but we can shift our focus wherever you’d like.