Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels in Fort Collins

With chemical peels in Fort Collins, you can achieve next-level skin exfoliation with incredible results! This comfortable, effective, and custom treatment targets specific problem areas to produce the best outcomes.

Essentially, chemical peel treatments are used to clear dead skin cells on the face and allow new, healthier skin cells to develop. Not only will you experience re-energized and refreshed skin, but you’ll also notice smoother skin, blemish reduction, texture decrease, added radiance, refined pores, and restored skin health.

Our chemical peels in Fort Collins are medical-grade – and completely adaptable for all skin types.The peels vary in strength, from superficial to deep superficial, so a consultation is a great way to find the right chemical peel for you. Some of our most popular chemical peel types are…

  • Advanced Corrective
  • Pigment Balancing
  • MicroPeel 20 & 30
  • MicroPeel Plus 20 & 30
  • Microsensitive
  • TCA
  • Gel Peel

However, we can adjust, layer, or combo-treat your skin with a dermaplane or microderm, depending on what it needs! Contact our Fort Collins medical spa today for details.


  • Helps reduce visible signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles
  • Softens and smooths the skin’s surface texture and improves uneven skin tone
  • Reduces the frequency of acne breakouts and fades the appearance of post-acne discoloration
  • Creates smoother, more radiant skin


  • The downtime for chemical peels will vary, depending on the specific treatment, ranging from 0-7 days.
  • With a more superficial peel, you can expect a bit of flakiness on the skin for a few days, but a deeper superficial peel may cause sheet peeling before full skin rejuvenation.
  • Chemical peels are virtually painless, but we can also provide Skinceuticals Biocellulose Restorative Masque for post peel comfort. 
  • For best results, we recommend a series of treatments (custom created for your desired results).
  • After your chemical peel treatment, you should limit your sun exposure to allow your skin to fully restore.

Perfect for Addressing...



Fine Lines

Dull Skin

Uneven Texture




For oily skin types, we recommend our BHA peels, but treatments can vary from person to person! We’d be happy to discuss the details and suggest something custom to treat your exact skin concerns.

This is going to depend entirely on the chemical peel type. For our mid-grade chemical peels, you should probably wait 2-4 weeks between treatment. However, our deeper peels may require 4 weeks between appointments. Our professional team of estheticians would be happy to walk you through the process.

Absolutely! We see some beautiful results from layered peel treatments. In fact, you can save up to $50 when you add a micropeel to your chemical peel in Fort Collins.

There is a very specific pre- and post-care process that we will explain in detail, so you can get the best results. We do recommend, however, that you limit your sun exposure during recovery time.

Yes, a consultation is required for all new clients. This way, we can explain our process and discuss your desired results before you receive treatment at our medical spa in Fort Collins.

With some of our peels, you’ll notice an immediate difference, but others might take a bit longer, depending on your skin cell turnover.

During a chemical peel, you may experience a cooling sensation or slight tingling, but the treatment is virtually pain-free. To ease any discomfort that may arise, we also offer cool compresses and face stimulation during treatment.

Since we offer such a variety of peels, we can customize them to fit your exact needs. No matter if you have dry, sensitive, oily, or combo skin, we can create a treatment for you.

The recovery time will vary on the peel strength (superficial could be 0-1 days of downtime, while deeper peels could take up to 5-7 days). If you have any concerns about your chemical peel in Fort Collins, please bring these questions to one of our team members!