Volux Filler by Juvéderm

Volux, the newest Juvéderm injectable filler on the market, is an FDA approved hyaluronic acid-based gel filler that sculpts and contours the chin and jawline for a refined and chiseled look. It can be used to balance facial proportions to create a more youthful appearance, enhancing your profile with a chiseled chin and jawline.

Unlike traditional noninvasive fillers, Volux gives you visible results and is scientifically proven to transform any look. Don’t waste another second being unhappy with your appearance – it’s time to get the sculpted jawline that you’ve always wanted! Get in touch to learn if Juvéderm Volux is a right for you.


  • Sculpts & contours the Jawline
  • Lifts the jaw and chin to add dimension to facial profile
  • Balances proportions of the face
  • Instant results that can last 12 months or longer


  • Juvéderm Volux results are immediate & long-lasting results (12 months or longer)
  • No recovery or downtime
  • You may temporarily experience mild swelling, bruising or redness to the treated area
  • Appointments can last anywhere between 30 – 45 minutes
  • Numbing cream is available to make your visit more comfortable



We do require a consultation for all new clients, so we can determine if Volux is the right treatment for you and your desired results. You can book your appointment here.

With Juvéderm Volux, you’ll see results immediately! These results can last 12 months or longer. 

While the experience can differ for each person, Volux may create mild discomfort at the injection site(s). The inclusion of lidocaine, however, makes for a more comfortable injection experience.

This treatment is great for anyone (over the age of 21) interested in contouring their jawline and facial profile. If you’re considering Volux injectables, we recommend scheduling a consultation to discuss the treatment details and results to determine if this is the right service for you.

There is no downtime required for Volux. It’s that simple!