Top 5 IPL Photofacial Benefits

Struggling with stubborn texture and discoloration in your skin? 

You can try as many products, facials, and TikTok trends as you’d like, but you’re not going to see real results until you invest in something more substantial like an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) photofacial.

This professional in-salon treatment is perfect for a smoother and brighter complexion – reducing discoloration, sun-damaged skin, and rosacea, acne, fine lines, age spots, and more. 

Before we get into all of the IPL photofacial benefits, however, let’s break down how it works. 

How the IPL Photofacial Works 

Simply put: the IPL photofacial utilizes intense pulsed light to activate the skin’s natural healing process. 

A light-emitting device is used to target specific wavelengths of light in the treatment area. When this light and heat are absorbed by the melanin in the skin, it creates a superficial injury that kickstarts your natural rejuvenation process – without causing any real damage to your dermal tissue. 

With time and proper exfoliation, smoother, brighter skin will surface.

And the best part? The IPL photofacial can be used to treat one issue or several at the same time. 

Top 5 IPL Photofacial Benefits

We could go on and on about IPL Photofacial benefits, but for the sake of time, we’ll focus on our top 5 below. 

Let’s get started! 

1. Treats Sun-Damaged Skin 

Sun damage is one of those things that can really sneak up on you. 

Without proper protection from harmful UV rays, your skin can begin to show signs of age much earlier than normal – sun damage and age spots included. 

IPL restores the youthful glow of our skin by naturally lifting and dissolving discolored cells caused by sun-damage and replacing them with new collagen. 

This plays a big part in reducing discoloration, pore size, and fine wrinkles, as collagen helps with brightening and tightening as well. 

2. Eliminates Unsightly Veins 

Because the light emitted during an IPL photofacial is easily absorbed by red blood cells, the treatment is extremely effective at lifting and dissolving broken blood vessels out of the skin. 

Getting rid of visible capillaries and veins has seriously never been easier. Say goodbye to those spider veins and say hello to new, glowing skin. 

3. Treats Difficult Acne

Getting rid of stubborn acne can feel like a chore, but it doesn’t have to be. 

One of the many IPL photofacial benefits is its ability to kill harmful bacteria in the skin that causes acne. And if you’re worried about scarring from previous breakouts, it also restores the skin’s outer layer which will slowly heal any unwanted scarring.

4. Prevents the Appearance of  Aging 

IPL uses a unique skin technology to treat and prevent premature skin aging.

It’s important to note, however, that consistency and commitment is key to successfully achieving and maintaining youthful skin. 

For lasting results, we’d recommend a treatment package. Trust us – it’s worth it!

5. IPL is Convenient & Virtually Pain-Free

Sure, beauty can be pain, but that’s not always the case with the IPL photofacial. 

Each person’s experience will differ, but the IPL treatment has often been likened to the feeling of a rubber band snapping against the skin followed by a feeling of warmth. 

For some, this might sting or create a slight irritation, while others say the treatment is virtually painless. If you experience any discomfort, however, our team at Facetté would be happy to provide a numbing cream. 

Non-invasive and generally comfortable, the IPL photofacial benefits are endless.

Appointments can take 45 minutes to an hour and a half to complete, depending on the treatment area, but they don’t impede on your life. You can leave your appointment & go about your day knowing that beautiful, glowing skin is on the way. It’s really that easy.

Ready to Book? 

After hearing about some of the many perks, you might be ready to pick up the phone and schedule your first IPL photofacials at Facette. 

We won’t make you wait – get in touch to make an appointment or consultation today.

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