Fall Hair Care Tips & Product Spotlights

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WE LOVE FALL ? Unfortunately, fall doesn’t *always* love us back.

With drops in temperature and humidity, our hair and skin can suffer without proper care. And while we’ve already spent some time on the blog discussing all the different ways to prepare and remedy your skin for autumn, we wanted to share the following fall hair care tips, so you can maintain (or regain) your healthy locks this season as well!  

Let’s get started:

Fall Hair Care Tips

The fall months are the perfect time to recover from all the extremities of summer. After all, the additional sun exposure and extensive time spent in the water can have a real effect on your hair.

Now is the best time to bounce back, targeting these issues directly.

Fall hair care tip #1? Incorporate moisture and protein into your hair routine.

Give Your Hair Extra Moisture & Protein

It is essential to replenish your hair with additional moisture and protein directly after the summer months – especially since the weather is changing and the air is losing moisture.

Here are couple different ways you can give your hair what it needs.

Salon Treatments

Here at our Fort Collins hair salon, we offer a wide variety of treatments to reinstate moisture into the hair and lock in hydration. Our Fusio-Dose treatment is a great option because it is customizable to your unique hair needs, and it begins to take effect within 5 minutes of application.

The K-Water treatment is another great option to add shine & gloss to dull, tired looking hair. For a specific recommendation, we suggest you seek the advice of a professional hair stylist – anyone at Facetté would be happy to help!

However, at-home care is equally important.

Home Remedies & Products

Salon treatments are going to greatly improve the health of your hair, but the products you use at home will help you maintain results for a longer period of time.

For many, this means tossing the drugstore hair products & opting for something a little more substantial.

For extra strength, some of our favorites include…

This product line uses highly effective oils and extracts like cypress, argan, and maracuja to soften, hydrate, and revitalize hair. The line includes shampoo, conditioner, hair oil, and more!

Created specifically to restore damaged and weak hair strands, this collection drastically transforms the hair with consistent use.

For added moisture, these products are ideal…

Between a cleansing cream, conditioner, mask, and more, this product line has everything you need to hydrate and refresh your hair. If silky, soft hair is the goal, this will deliver!

Intense hydration and restorative ingredients make this collection a great option for dry and dehydrated locks.

By selecting top-tier products, your hair will receive the nutrients necessary for drastic improvement and growth. For maximum benefits, you might also want to consider switching your routine.

Instead of conditioning your hair like normal, consider a hair mask 1-2 times a week. This is one our favorite (and most effective) fall hair care tips for nourishment and shine.

Take Care of Your Scalp

When fall weather hits, your scalp will be equally affected by the drop in humidity. To avoid dryness or flakiness, you’ll want to invest in high quality scalp care using the following fall hair care tips.

Your scalp-honoring homecare should include:

By incorporating even a handful of these scalp-focused products, you’ll see a difference in your hair health.

Be Mindful of Color Change

We get it – the change of season is the perfect time to go lighter or darker with your hair! But just like any drastic transition, you need to make sure your hair is being cared for every step of the way.

The real fall hair care tip is how to prep.

If you’re going darker, make sure to shampoo in cool water beforehand and wait 48 hours after your appointment to shampoo normally.

For those going lighter, however, you’ll want to come into your appointment with relatively clean hair (maximum of one day dirty). Dirty hair may not lift as well, and you want to get the most out of your lightening session.

Regardless of whether you’re getting autumn tones or bright colors, don’t forget the at-home care! This is arguably the most important part. The Oribe Beautiful Color Collection is great for retaining salon-worthy color for long periods of time.

What does your hair need?

Everyone has different hair, and because of that, they might need different treatments throughout the drier months of fall. If you feel like your hair is lacking, but you’re not sure what to do, we can schedule a consultation and give you specific fall hair care tips to help. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Fort Collins hair salon today!

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