Hair Loss? Here’s Why Keralase Hair Restoration Is The Best Solution

Our hair is a meaningful way to express ourselves, so losing it can be a big hit to our confidence. 

Whether you’ve experienced hair loss or thinning as a result of aging, genetics, COVID hair loss, or anything in-between, we know how difficult this can be. In fact, we want to help! Reclaim your confidence and the natural fullness of your hair with the new Keralase hair restoration offered at Facetté.

Keralase is an easy way to stimulate hair growth and bring it back to its former glory (or better!). If you’ve been suffering from thinning hair or hair loss, this cutting-edge technology could be your solution. 

Utilizing laser technology and a powerful growth serum, Keralase combats hair loss and restores your locks. 

Let’s unpack some of the most common hair loss causes, so we can share how Keralase can help:

Common Causes for Hair Loss


Everyone remembers discovering that first gray hair. To some it’s bittersweet, but to others, it’s the end of the world. Either way, it’s bound to happen at some point.

During the natural aging process, our hair follicles stop growing hair – so it’s normal to see some thinning. The age at which this happens differs for everyone, but the earlier you notice these changes and start treatment, the sooner you’ll be able to slow or halt hair loss. 

Family History

Male- and female-pattern baldness (aka androgenic alopecia) is a common cause of hair loss for all genders. It’s usually gradual and happens in the form of a receding hairline or thinning part, but post-pregnancy and menopause can also be a trigger for women. 

Cancer Treatment

Chemotherapy and other radiation treatments can cause significant hair loss within the weeks following your appointment.

Although hair usually starts to regrow starting months after the treatment, Keralase can help you get results in as soon as 2 weeks. For the best results, however, we recommend a series of treatments. 

COVID-19 Hair Loss

Hair loss can be caused by a number of things, but COVID-19 has definitely become one of the most surprising. In the last few years, many have noticed significant thinning or complete hair loss after their COVID infections. 

This is called telogen effluvium and is due to an increase in your hair-shedding process. Most people experience hair thinning due to COVID-19 for 6-9 months, which is extremely frustrating – no one wants to feel clumps of their hair falling out. 

You can fight telogen effluvium with treatments such as Keralase so that it grows back quickly and stays put.

How Keralase Hair Restoration Works

Essentially, Keralase is a combo of two treatments: LaseMD and KeraFactor Serum. 

The laser is first used to create an ideal environment for the serum, producing non-ablative micro-channels in the skin that then allow the KeraFactor Peptide Complex to easily absorb into the skin. 

Because this growth factor serum is produced with highly concentrated levels of growth hormones and proteins, it boosts hair growth and supports all 4 stages of the hair life cycle. The best results happen after several sessions, though!

Results That Last A Lifetime

Some benefits of Keralase hair restoration include:

  • New, beautiful hair that will last a lifetime
  • Treatment that is virtually pain-free
  • Results in as soon as 2-4 weeks
  • Quick and convenient sessions (20-45 minutes)
  • No downtime is necessary 

Ready For Strong, Thick, & Shiny Hair?

Just because your hair has begun to thin does not mean it needs to stay that way. 

We’ve got a solution if you’re interested in making a change and reclaiming your thick, healthy head of hair. Keralase hair restoration is an exciting new treatment that can effectively treat thinning or balding areas due to aging, genetics, illness, and more. 

By combining laser technology with the potent KeraFactor growth serum, this revolutionary treatment can help restore your locks to be even better than before. If you want to get your beautiful hair back without invasive treatments like surgery or medications, then Keralase is it. 

Contact the team at Facetté to get started today.

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