How to Get Your Hair From Brown to Silver (& Keep It That Way)

Silver hair is many things: beautiful, unique, trending, but definitely not easy – especially for our brunettes and dirty blondes.

In case you’ve ever wondered how to get your hair from brown to silver, you’re about to get your answer. Pull up a chair & settle in, because it’s not for the faint of heart.

Silver hair is such a cool color to rock, but achieving and maintaining it can actually be a lot of work. If you’re someone who prefers a low-maintenance look, silver certainly isn’t the way to go. From the coloring process to the color upkeep, this trending style takes dedication.

In the end, however, it’s so worth it.

Let’s dive in!  

How To Get Your Hair From Brown to Silver

Brown-to-Silver Hair Coloring Process

Let’s get this straight – going from brown to silver is no easy feat, and it will take time if you want your hair to make it through, healthy and happy.

In order to get your hair silver, you first need to get it white-blonde. Depending on HOW dark your hair is, you may need to undergo several lightening sessions before silver is even an option.

This isn’t your stylist’s way of charging you more or prolonging the process, but instead, keeping your hair healthy during a drastic lightening process. There are limits to what your hair can handle, and your stylist may suggest several sessions instead of one if they are concerned about losing hair length, strength, or shine in the process.

That being said, going from brown hair to silver IS possible and will look amazing if you’re patient! Just make sure that you are completely upfront with your stylist about your desired results (photos are great) and your hair history.

Lighteners can affect the hair in all sorts of ways, and it heavily depends on how much product has been used on your hair in the past. Being honest with your stylist can prevent major hair damage or loss because of overprocessing. Not to mention, showing them photos of your ‘end results’ can help them create a plan for your silver hair.

What to Expect at Each Lightening Appointment

Every color lifting session is somewhat unique to the salon and stylist, but typically we ask our clients to arrive with clean hair. A clarifying shampoo or wash is a great way to break up product build-up beforehand.

The length of the appointment will completely vary, given your hair density, length, texture, and tone, but you can plan to be at the salon for a minimum of 3-5 hours. This time allows your hair to fully process.

Following the color lift, a toner is applied to even the brassy and orange colors and keep your hair in neutral or icy color palettes. For some, gray or silvery hair may be possible with one session, but for most, this requires several.

During this process, hair treatments at the salon are a great way to add moisture, shine, and vibrancy back into the hair.

We know it feels like a lot, but just remember that every visit to the salon gets you one step closer to silver hair.

Maintaining Silver Hair

Once your hair is the exact shade you want it, you’ll need to add some new steps into your hair care routine to keep it that way! Silver can be a more high-maintenance color for those with naturally darker hair and will need regular touch-ups and refreshes, both at home and in the salon.

At-Home Care

Silver, blonde, brunette, or red – if you’ve colored your hair, you should be washing it less to preserve the color.

By cutting back on shampoo and exclusively using high-quality color-preserving products, you save your hair color and extend the longevity of your silver tones. Oribe & Kerastase offer some amazing hair products to help with dyed and treated hair, and our team would be happy to recommend the best ones for your specific hair color and type.

In addition to regular washing, you’ll need to incorporate a toning treatment in your hair occasionally. Over time, the cool tones will wash away and leave your hair with warm, brassy tones. To keep them at bay, we recommend a color-depositing toner product – whether that be a purple mask or shampoo – to maintain that icy or ashy gray color.

Using the right products will prolong your silver locks and keep your hair looking fresh and vibrant.

Salon Care

And while there are a ton of things you can do for your hair at home, the professionals do it best. If you really want to know how to get your hair from brown to silver, your answer is at the salon.

Not only will the stylists help you achieve real results, but they’ll help you maintain them. Silver hair requires regular root retouches every four to seven weeks, as well as toner refreshes as needed. Due to the lightening and coloring, your hair will also need regular trims to keep the hair healthy.

While these visits may seem excessive, neglecting proper salon hair care can actually be much worse. Without proper upkeep, you may end up needing a color correction, which is traditionally more expensive and time-consuming.

Ready to Go Silver or Gray?

Let’s chat! We’d love to help you look and feel your best with silver hair.

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