8 Hairstyles for Growing Out Bangs

hairsyles for growing out bangs

So, you got bangs. Maybe they were a great decision and maybe they weren’t, but there comes a time where you’re ready to say goodbye.

The problem is, bangs don’t go easy. With a lot of time and patience, however, you can restore your hair to its original length. It’s the waiting and styling that’s tough.

When your bangs get to an awkward length and you’re ready to give up, come back to this blog post and remember there is another way.

Below, we’ve outlined 8 different hairstyles for growing out bangs – both in style and on-trend.


8 Hairstyles for Growing Out Bangs

1. Pin ‘Em Back

It doesn’t get much simpler than this. When your bangs get to be too long, open that drawer of bobby pins, clips, and barrettes and get started. Something dainty can be elegant, but a more dramatic clip can make a statement.

Pull your bangs off to the side, part them in the middle, or bring them straight back – whatever makes you feel the most confident. As styles change, the way you pull your bangs back might change, too.

2. Embrace the ‘Slick-Back’ Styles

The slick-back styles are a great way to deal with overgrown bangs. All you need is a gel that works for your hair type and a bristle brush. Using the gel, you can slick your bangs away from your face and plaster the rest of your hair tightly against your head. Depending on the state of growth, you might need to place some bobby pins here and there, as well.

This is one of our current favorite hairstyles for growing out bangs because it’s so versatile. High bun, a low braid-ponytail, bubble braids – you name it! The gel keeps your hair looking smooth and sleek.

You might even opt for a headband as an added accessory.

3. Twist or Braid Them Away from the Face

This one is a tried-and-true classic. Twist or French braid your hair back and pin them in place for a put-together look that keeps your face clear.

For extra pizzaz, you can experiment with different braid styles like fish-tails or Dutch braids.

4. Switch to Side Bangs

Okay, so this one might sound counterintuitive, but we promise it helps! When your bangs start to droop over your eyes or feel unmanageable, you can always switch to a side part and rock that look for a while.

The transition to side-swept bangs is much easier than people realize – making it the most flexible hairstyle for growing out bangs. Plus, it’s low-maintenance, and we’re all about that.

5. Transition to Curtain Bangs

When your bangs reach a certain length, you can part them in the middle and style them as curtain bangs. This is a fun twist on the normal fringe, but it still adds life to the hair and frames the face.

6. Adapt Your Hair Cut

Scheduling a few haircuts during the process is a great way to keep your hair looking more uniform. By layering your hair (without trimming your bangs), your bangs are more blended and not so obviously outgrown.

This is especially important if you’re trying to style curtain bangs, as the layering completes the style.

7. Use a Hair Scarf to Pull Them Back

Struggling to get that effortless boho style? Hair scarves can be a game-changer. Find one with a pattern you like and tie it around your head like a headband. This keeps your bangs in place and hides the short, spiky hairs that stick up in the back.   

8. Style Your Bangs Away from the Face

If you can’t beat them, join them. Or at least, style them differently. This is one of the hairstyles for growing out bangs that involves a little more effort, but we promise it’s worth it!

Using a certain blow-drying technique with a round brush, you can pull the bangs away from the face and add volume. To help the style last, you can also use rollers (hot, velcro, or regular will do the trick).

Take them out and voila! You’re rocking the ‘Rachel Green’ look – you know the one.  


With all these hairstyles for growing out bangs, you should be able to skip the ‘awkward’ phase altogether. Don’t be afraid to try the bangs out – we’re giving you an easy plan to grow them out when you’re ready.

Because every person has a unique style, hair type, and texture, we do recommend asking a professional stylist for advice as you start the process. Growing bangs out is a unique experience, and your stylist can walk you through it and help with the transitional haircuts along the way. Interested in scheduling with one of our experienced hair stylists? Get in touch today

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