Fort Collins Salon
Hair Treatments

With just a little extra love and attention, you’ll notice a huge difference in your hair’s health and appearance. In fact, Fort Collins salon hair treatments play a significant role in achieving beautiful, glossy locks that are stronger and shinier than ever.

Everybody’s hair is different, so we offer a wide range of hair salon treatments that treat, condition, rebuild, and repair your hair and scalp. Don’t waste another second on dry or damaged hair – get started on your healthy hair and scalp journey today!

Washing hair


salon hair treatments


  • K Water Shine Treatment
  • Gloss & Tone Treatment
  • Oway Keratin Smoothing Treatment
  • Therapeutic Hair Mask
  • Restorative Scalp & Hair Combination Treatment

Pair any one of these treatments with a cut or color at our Fort Collins hair salon for amazing results!


  • Invigorating hand massage
  • Stress-relieving head, shoulder, and neck massage
  • Exfoliating hand scrub
  • Relaxing foot soak
  • Steam towels for your neck
  • Blowout (style)



Each of these treatments offer unique benefits, so the hair salon treatment choice is a very personal one! We recommend speaking with a stylist at our Fort Collins hair salon and sharing your current hair condition and desired results, so they can give you the best recommendation.

Absolutely! These Fort Collins salon hair treatments are meant to restore the hair and improve its current condition. Recently dyed hair would especially benefit from the additional moisture, minerals, and shine. Give us a call at our hair salon in Fort Collins to discuss the details!

While this will vary depending on the person and their individual hair needs, we recommend receiving treatment at our Fort Collins hair salon once every couple of months. 

Unlike regular beauty products, these Fort Collins hair salon treatments deliver unique nourishment to the hair. Through treating, conditioning, rebuilding, and repairing your hair and scalp, they help to add shine and strength while repairing and remineralizing.