The Ultimate Curly Hair Routine Steps

Are you tired of your unruly curls calling the shots and dictating your hairstyle decisions? We’ve been there! 

Whether you’ve been blessed with waves, coils, or corkscrews, we’re excited to share our curly hair routine steps to help you unleash the full potential of your gorgeous curls.

Let’s take it from the beginning: 

Curly Hair Routine Steps

Step 1: Prep Your Curls in the Shower

Start your curly hair care routine in the shower by using products specifically designed for the texture and shape of your strands.

Generally speaking, you’ll want to use products that were created for curls – something to nourish and hydrate your hair, enhancing its natural texture and defining those beautiful curls. Oribe Moisture and Control Shampoo and Intense Conditioner is a great option (and it’s sold at Facetté).

Pro tip: When conditioning, consider using the ‘squish to condish’ method. To do so, gently squeeze the conditioner into your curls to ensure thorough coverage and maximum moisture retention.

Step 2: Post-Shower Brushing

After showering, lightly comb through your curls with a wide-tooth comb. This will help to detangle your hair gently without causing unnecessary breakage.

Remember, curly hair can be more delicate, so treat it with tenderness. If your curls are particularly stubborn, dampen the comb slightly before running it through your locks.

Step 3: Find Styling Products that Work With You, Not Against You

It’s important to remember that not all curly hair is the same; each curl pattern and texture is unique, and finding products tailored to your specific curl type is crucial for achieving the best results.

Make sure your curls are still completely wet (you might need to re-wet your hair with a spray bottle) before applying a curl-defining cream or lightweight curl mousse. These products will help enhance your natural curl pattern, reduce frizz, and provide long-lasting definition, resulting in beautifully styled and manageable curls throughout the day.

For top-notch results, consider using products like Kerastase Curl Manifesto or Oribe Curl Gloss. Our team of stylists can help you pick the best option next time you’re at Facetté The Hair Experience. 

Work the product through your curls, scrunching upward to encourage your hair’s natural shape to come through. Remember, a little dollop goes a long way, so don’t go overboard – in excess, certain products can weigh down your hair or give it that wet-scrunched look, which nobody wants.

Step 4: Helping Your Curls Find the Right Shape

We understand that everyone’s curls are different, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. As you get to know your hair better throughout the process, you’ll learn how to guide your curls to their ideal shape. 

But as you experiment, here are our top ways to start styling:

Finger Coiling: 

After applying your curl-defining cream or mousse in Step 2, take small sections of damp hair and wrap them around your finger to create defined coils. 


To give your curls more lift and volume, use hair clips or hairpins at the roots after applying your product. This technique works well for those with flatter crown areas or looser curls, providing an instant lift and beautiful shape.

Step 5: Drying

Alright, it’s time for Step 5 – the all-important drying process! After applying your styling technique, there are a few options for drying your lovely curls, and each comes with its own perks:


Need your curls to dry faster while enhancing their natural shape? Say hello to the diffuser attachment on your hairdryer. Use low heat and airflow settings, and gently scrunch your curls with the diffuser to bring out their fantastic definition.

Air Drying: 

Go with the flow and let your curls air dry! This method minimizes heat damage and helps keep your hair moisturized. For a little boost, you can give your curls a gentle squeeze to remove some water before letting them dry naturally.

Step 6: Keeping Your Curls Fresh Between Wash Days

To keep your curls fresh between wash days, consider re-wetting lightly with a spray water bottle and restyling with a little leave-in conditioner or curl-defining product. Tame frizz by applying a few drops of lightweight hair oil. Opt for refreshing sprays formulated for curly hair to revitalize without making it greasy.

Pro tip: Before bed, try to “pineapple” your hair. Essentially, gather your curls on top of your head, as if you’re creating a loose ponytail. You can use a soft, scrunchie or a hair-friendly elastic to loosely secure the pineapple at the crown. The idea is to keep your curls elevated and prevent them from being flattened while you sleep.

Love Your Curls, and They’ll Love You Back!

Remember, finding the right curly hair routine steps for your curls may take some time, but don’t get discouraged. Embrace the journey, experiment, and have fun with your hair. 

If you ever feel overwhelmed or need a little extra guidance, our team of professionals is here to support you. Get in touch with our team today!

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