Aging Gracefully


When an expression is considered too harsh and we substitute it for another phrase that is softer, it’s called a euphemism.  One such euphemism is the phrase “aging gracefully.”  I often have a client comment about how she wishes she could just be okay with aging gracefully.  But here’s the thing, when you tell someone they are aging gracefully it really means that they are just getting old and don’t look too horrible.  Who the heck wants that?  How is this a compliment or something to strive for?  

So I’m changing the conversation and I’m changing the definition of “aging gracefully.”  

Every day clients come to Facette and express that they don’t like what’s happening in the mirror.  As a person solidly middle age group (*gulp) I can relate.  Here’s the thing about aging, most of it is really good!  You have these incredible life experiences.  You’ve been through some sh** and come out the other end stronger and a more solid person.  Drama doesn’t faze you.  You know what you want out of life and for the most part, how to get it.  Right now you have more knowledge, wisdom, good (and bad) experiences than you’ve ever had before.  But then this thing happens…all the fun in the sun, facial expressions and (sometimes) bad decisions start to appear on your face.  “This isn’t me,” you think.  What you feel in your heart and mind is not reflecting in the mirror and that frankly sucks.  

So let’s return to the “aging gracefully” euphemism. Let’s turn it on its head and say that aging gracefully has to include taking care of yourself, not just getting old.  You get to define what taking care of yourself means.  I do think eating healthy and getting some form of exercise should be a part of the plan.  After that, it could mean Botox, facials, and routine trips to your hair stylist to get rid of the gray hairs.  

Our goal at Facette is for every single one of our client’s to be able to look in the mirror with self-love.  When you see your reflection you feel confident and empowered.  We are not about changing how you look.  We are about bringing out the best you.

Stop on by or schedule your next appointment with us today to learn more about aging ‘gracefully’.

– Mina Muirhead 

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