5 Tips for Growing Out Your Short Hair

Growing out a pixie or any short haircut can be extremely frustrating, I’ve been there… several times. I’m here to get you through this process. Here are a few of my favorite tips and tricks to getting through the dreaded grow-out phases.

1. Be Patient!

Depending on what length of hair you’re starting at, it can take about 1-2 years to get you out of that awkward “growing” out phase.

2. Get that trim in!

Growing out your hair still requires maintenance. You will need to get your haircut about every 4-6 weeks. Whether it is just a neck trim, bang trim or reshaping the whole cut, it still has to be taken care of. This will also keep you from getting to the point where you just want to cut it all off again.

3. Treatments

Keep your hair hydrated and healthy! Add on a deep conditioning treatment to your cut every other time you get it maintained (about 8 weeks).

4. Find new cute ways to style your hair

Try fun clips or maybe a braid just to make sure you still feel like your hair is fun! Sometimes the hardest part about growing out your short hair is feeling like it’s boring.

5. Homecare

Supplements really do help with speeding up your hair growth! My favorite is Vital Proteins Collagen powder. I do two scoops in my morning coffee every day. You can also try biotin, Hair/Skin/Nail vitamins. At Facette we carry Viviscal which is an awesome supplement to promote hair growth.

If you’re thinking about growing out your short hair, I’d love to help you through the process!

Stevie, Stylist

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