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Curious which stylist is right for you?  At Facetté, the choice is easy. We offer four different hair stylist levels of experience to pick from, in addition to a hair extension specialist. Between our Master Stylists, Senior Stylists, Studio Stylists, and Associate Stylists, you can’t go wrong.

With each level comes a wealth of knowledge and different techniques that will make sure you’re getting the style you want for your hair. Take a look below and discover how choosing the right stylist level can help make your visit to Facetté one to remember!

Associate Stylists

Our Associate Stylists bring plenty of passion and expertise to their work, as they are new to the salon floor. Recently graduated from our intensive training program, these stylists are eager to bring their fresh perspective to every service.

To ensure you get the exact style you want, we will always have experienced stylists standing by to offer guidance and assistance for all Associate services. Plus, you can enjoy an intro-level price point when you book with an Associate Stylist.

  • New to salon floor
  • Fresh out of Facette’s training program*
  • Continually receiving guidance from experienced stylists throughout their services to help them continuously grow
  • Pursue further education to promote growth and expertise 
  • Services are at the intro level price point

*These are stylists who have graduated from school, received their license, and gone through intensive training before taking on clients at Facetté.

Studio Stylists

Our Studio Stylists are experienced and creative, honing their craft for at least two years. With their level of expertise, you can expect a variety of looks and skill sets. As well as continuing their education, our Studio Stylists have cultivated their own creative styles through their work and are well on their way to becoming true experts.

This is just one of our many hair stylist levels worth trying.

  • 2+ years of experience
  • Always taking continued education
  • Have cultivated their own creative styles through their work & are coming into their own

Senior Stylists

Get the experience, expertise, and passion of a stylist who has spent 5+ years in the industry when you book with a Senior Stylist. Although this hair stylist level specializes in certain services, they are also well-versed in various techniques used to create a wide variety of beautiful styles. They also help to coach and educate the rest of our team while continuing their own education to further grow their skill sets and teach others.

Senior Stylists have identified their passions behind the chair and will bring that extra something special when crafting your look.

  • 5+ years of experience
  • May specialize in certain services 
  • Help in coaching and educating the team
  • Have identified their passions behind the chair
  • Take continued education to further grow their skillsets and teach others

Master Stylists

When you book with a Master Stylist, you put yourself in the hands of a true professional with 7+ years of experience. Of all the hair stylist levels, this one is for the masters of their craft. Our Master Stylists lead and educate the rest of the team, taking continued education to stay ahead of trends, while also specializing in certain services.

You can trust that they have the knowledge and expertise to give you the look you want.

  • 7+ years of experience
  • Master of their craft
  • Lead and educate the team
  • Take continued education 
  • May specialize in certain services

Extension Specialist

If you’re looking for an experienced professional with 7+ years in the industry installing extensions that look and feel natural, you should book with an Extension Specialist. Not only have they mastered their craft for seamless application, but they’ve also stayed on top of market updates through continual trainings – ensuring you the perfect look!

  • 7+ years of experience in hair extensions
  • Has mastered their craft, making extensions look and feel natural as well as comfortable 
  • Has knowledge of new techniques and industry updates
  • Attends multiple trainings 
  • Educates and leads the team 


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