4 Trending Hair Accessories for Spring and Summer

No. 1 & 2

Barrettes and hair clips are back and aren’t just for the tweens and teens anymore.

The more bedazzled, jeweled and bigger the better. A large barrette on one side of your head or next to a top knot or pony makes for a great accessory. And you don’t have to just stick with one either.  Place a few thinner, longer barrettes on one side of your head to add extra pizzazz to an otherwise straight style.  The more the merrier is the rule when it comes to clips.  Use several smaller clips all over your head with a partial updo or concentrate them on one side of curled hair for a glamorous Hollywood look.

No. 3

Long scarfs, neck scarfs, and bandanas are a great way to add a Boho worthy pop of color or a great print to your outfit.  Turn them into a headband or tie them around a low pony, top knot or loose braid. Add a bow in your scarf for a more feminine look.

No. 4

Last but not least is my personal favorite, a great hat!  Not only can they help hide your, “I should have shampooed my hair today” look, but they are also a fabulous way to up your outfit and give that “put together” look. Don’t be afraid to buy a hat in a bold color or even larger than you might prefer.  In my opinion, hats look great on everyone.  If you don’t normally feel fabulous in hats you just need to find the right shape for your face. Floppy hats and fedoras look great on all shapes whereas boater hats and cowboy hats might need a wider or narrower brim to balance your face shape.  Don’t discount a specific style without trying different widths of brims on hats. 

So, when you are out there shopping all the spring and summer must haves, make sure you pick up a few hair accessories to complete your daily looks! 


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