The 3 Step Process for Going from Dark to Light Hair (While Keeping Your Hair Healthy!)

This time of year, as winter seems to be dragging on we are anxiously awaiting warmer and longer days ahead. With this anticipation, we often start planning our next hair change. As we envision warmer weather, we usually see ourselves with a little tanner skin and brighter hair. For us dark hair girls we better plan ahead if we’re dreaming of lighter hair for the summer because often it can take longer than expected when going about it in the healthiest way.

As we turn to Pinterest and Instagram for finding our dream hair inspiration pictures, we often see celebrities go from dark brown to platinum in what appears to be one day and one process. This can so often be so deceiving as they most likely spent multiple sessions in the salon that is unseen, cut their hair, installed extensions and spent hours upon hours and thousands of dollars for what seems to be an overnight change.

Here’s an outline for what this process may look like based on your consultation!

Step 1– Start the lightening process by going 2-3 levels lighter than your existing hair color

Step 2– Plan for 4-6 weeks between appointments and based on your consultation expect to have at least 3 appointments before reaching your result

Step 3- ​Follow stylist recommendations for best outcome and maintenance during and after reaching your goals

Tips: Plan to get deep conditioning hair treatments at every appointment, expect your stylist to use a bond builder in your lightener to prevent breakage, use reparative home care products recommended by your stylist, and purple shampoos will definitely be needed! Staying on top of haircuts will also be important.

I personally have extremely dark hair and have been on my blonde journey for several years. Especially with previous hair color history, it can be challenging to break through unwanted warm or brassy tones to get to that perfect bright blonde end result. My priority has always been the health of my hair throughout this whole process. I ended up cutting several inches off my hair to keep it healthy and got extensions to provide the length I was wanting.

These things can be discouraging to hear as we get impatient and just want our desired hair color as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this impatience is usually what leads to breakage and damage to your hair as you try to go too light too quickly. Just like our lives, our hair color usually comes with a lot of history but as with most things, good things are worth the wait.

At Facette, we have so many options to help you achieve your dream blonde hair as quickly as possible and maintain the integrity of your hair. Ideally, we make those “in-between” stages on your journey something you love too. It’s never too early to start this process and remember ​healthy​ hair is pretty hair!

– Lauren Miller, Co-owner, Stylist

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