Carley Williams

Studio Stylist

As someone whose mother was a hairstylist, Carley grew up in salons and was taught the basics of hairstyling at a very young age. She has always had a passion for doing hair and loves making her clients look and feel their absolute best, while also giving them the tools to and knowledge to recreate their “just left the salon” look, at home! 

Carley works collaboratively with clients to find a look that will enhance their natural look and elevate their confidence. She is committed to ensuring that every client leaves feeling more beautiful than when they walked in. Whether she is transforming them with extensions or simply giving them a fresh new haircut, Carley truly embraces each and every encounter with her clients!

Carley is passionate about all things hair & beauty and uses her free time to further her skills and research the latest hair techniques and trends. When not obsessing over hair, Carley can be found hiking Horsetooth, practicing yoga, cuddled up watching a movie with her son and 3 cats (yes, 3!), spending time with friends and family, or dancing the night away with her fiancée, Drew.

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