Are you looking for a fun way to add a change to your hair with no damage, no color, and no cutting?

SILX are an easy, fast, and fun way to add something new to your hair that is not permanent. SILX are single sparkly strands made out of synthetic silk. It’s fun to mix and match the different variety of colors that the SILX comes in and you can choose how many of each color you want.

They can withstand 450 degrees of heat and are made for daily washing, brushing, and styling. You can blow dry, curl, and color your hair and the SILX will not melt or discolor. SILX are tied to a single strong hair strand and they can last from weeks to months and come in a lot of different colors. I love these because it’s a nice way to add some sparkles in your hair, a fun color, or just a change without damaging or coloring your hair. These are also perfect for holidays to add something extra to your hair. I am enjoying doing and experimenting with SILX and finding different ways to use them in hair. At Facette, we have SILX and can put them in quickly if you need a little extra sparkle. Come in and check them out!

  • Yvonne Merme

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