Duo Treatment

IPL Photo Rejuvenation + Fractional CO2 Laser

Duo Treatment

With our IPL Photo Rejuvenation and Fractional CO2 Laser Duo Treatment, you can get the best skin of your life. Not only is this treatment incredibly effective, but it’s also safe and ageless. Both use targeted light to improve the skin and creative a beautiful glow.

Using intense pulsed light wavelengths, the IPL Photo Rejuvenation treatment (IPL) penetrates the skin barrier to reduce discoloration, treat sun damaged skin and rosacea, clear acne, and minimize fine lines and age spots.

In tandem, the Fractional CO2 Laser (also referred to as Fraxx) uses a concentrated laser beam to penetrate the top two layers of skin to break up scar tissue and increase new collagen production. It’s a great way to treat and reduce hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, deep wrinkles, and dark spots for a brighter complexion.

Keep reading to discover if our IPL Photo Rejuvenation and Fractional CO2 Laser Duo Treatment is right for you.


  • Improves skin texture and appearance
  • Treats sun damaged skin and rosacea
  • Minimizes fine lines and age spots
  • Clears acne
  • Reduces redness, birthmarks, unsightly veins, and other discolorations
  • Encourages new collagen production over time
  • Breaks up scar tissue to improve skin texture and crepiness
  • Builds collagen for 6-9 months after your Fractional CO2 Treatment 
  • Tightens skin texture and improves crepiness
  • Minimizes hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, deep wrinkles, and dark spots


  • The IPL Photo Rejuvenation and Fractional CO2 Laser Duo Treatment will continue to work after you leave your appointment – developing and building new collagen for 6 -9 months.
  • Your skin will continue to improve long after you complete treatment.
  • For best results, we recommend several IPL Photo Rejuvenation and Fraction CO2 Laser sessions. This will depend on your desired results.
  • Depending on the size of the treatment area, this duo can take anywhere from 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete all the way to 3 and a half hours to complete.
  • After your appointment, you can expect very minimal downtime. However, your skin may be pink and blotchy for 24-48 hours, and you may experience minor discomfort for 2- 4 days.



We do ask that you schedule a consultation before booking your treatment. This gives us the opportunity to explain our process and talk through your desired results.

You may experience some minor discomfort, but we do offer numbing cream to make the experience better for you! Make sure to ask your esthetician about this precaution before the appointment, so we can allow time for the cream to go into effect

You’ll start to notice your results develop pretty quickly, but this treatment duo will continue improving your skin texture, tone, and appearance through collagen growth for up to nine months post-appointment.

This treatment is great for anyone that wants better, brighter skin. It smooths the texture and creates a glowy, youthful finish. If you’re unsure, however, we recommend meeting with on of our trained estheticians at our Fort Collins medical spa before scheduling.

There is no recovery time, as this treatment will not prevent you from living your life as usual. However, you can expect minor discomfort for 2 – 4 days.