NOCO Style Questions for Women of Influence

1. Tell us about your business.

In 2018 we opened a full-service luxury salon and medical spa with the top educated and experienced providers that Colorado has to offer. Specializing in creating a one-of-kind experience making the client feel comfortable is our priority, all while offering the best services in the aesthetic and beauty world.  

2. Describe your background, education and/or certifications.

Between the 6 of us, we have been in the beauty industry for a collective 70 years! Our vast background and experience combined with multiple certifications give us an incredible foundation. One of our favorite qualities of Facetté is our passion for ongoing and current education. Our entire team takes pride in the amount of time we spend learning and thus growing as the best in the industry.

3. In what ways do you give back to the community?

We support many local organizations and non-profits, those close to our hearts are:  Be The Gift, Women Give, Respite Care, and Canyon Concert Ballet to name a few. We also love building relationships and supporting each other within the Northern Colorado business community.

4. Describe an important lesson you have learned from your business.

Taking care of your team is key, regardless of what life throws your way. We have found as long as we take care of each other there isn’t anything we can’t overcome. 

5. What advice would you give to someone just getting started?

Surround yourself with the best for encouragement and accountability. Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions and dig deep. Know your business inside and out. Be flexible and brave!

6. What is your favorite part of your job?

Seeing our clients happy!  When we finish the end look, be it as a stylist, laser technician, or injectable artist we are just as excited to see the change and our client’s personal beauty and confidence shine!

7. What inspires and/or motivates you?

We are motivated by learning and keeping up with the latest techniques, technology, and what our clients are wanting. This keeps us growing and offering the very best which is not only inspiring but exciting and fun!

8. What makes you successful?

Giving new team members an opportunity to grow as providers and individuals. Creating long term, meaningful relationships with our clients and community. 

9. What sets you apart?

Our amazing team, client experience, and client results.  

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