How Do You Keep Your Hair Color From Fading?

Going light or dark or funky with your hair color can be a great way to play around with different looks and have fun with your personal style. The problem is maintaining the vibrancy and tone of your new ‘do after your appointment has passed.

How can you keep your hair color from fading between salon visits? We’ve got some quick, user-friendly tips to help. Let’s get started!

How do you keep your hair color from fading?

1. Don’t wash immediately!

After coloring your hair, you’ll want to wait 72 hours before your next wash to protect and seal in the color. Otherwise, you run the risk of washing out those fresh, healthy hues.

When you get your hair colored, your stylist opens up the cuticle layer in order to deposit color there, and the hair shaft can take up to 72 hours to seal itself back up. To protect your color, we always recommend waiting to wash the hair until you’ve allowed your cuticle layer to close.

This helps you lock in your new color!

2. Adapt your washing routine.

In general, you should try to wash your hair less (thank you, dry shampoo!), as this prolongs the lifespan of your color. However, when you do wash your hair, there are some helpful practices to keep in mind.

Extremely hot water can strip your hair of color, so we always advise color clients to use warm water when they shampoo and cooler water when they condition to decrease fading. Water at cooler temps seal the cuticle, so that it can hold the color longer. Hot water, on the other hand, can open up the cuticle and create an opportunity for some pigment to slip.

3. Use professional-grade products.

Coloring your hair is an investment, and it’s important you treat it like one! After all, you’re not spending time and money so that your color will fade within a couple weeks. For this reason, you should introduce some new products into your hair routine to keep your hair healthy, bright, colorful, and glossy. We love the Oribe line, as it does a great job nurturing and maintaing color!

Here are some basic products to add to your collection:

Heat Protectant

While it’s best to avoid heat styling altogether, there are plenty of ways to protect your hair on those days that you really want to use the curling iron or flatiron. By applying heat protectant product on the mid-lengths and ends of your hair, you can prevent fading & keep your hair hydrated.

Shampoo & Conditioner

On wash days, it’s best to use the professional products recommend to you by your stylist. What your hair needs will change over time, so it’s important to seek professional advice, so you can properly care for your colored hair.

 After your first appointment, you’ll want to use a color protecting product for about 5-7 washes. After that, you can switch to something with more moisture and repairing properties.

Depending on how bright or vibrant your hair is, you also might benefit from a color-depositing wash product. For example, blondes can avoid brassier tones by incorporating a purple-pigmented shampoo, conditioner, or hair mask into their routine once or twice a week.

Leave-In Treatments

Everyone’s hair is different, and yours might need a little extra moisture, shine, or gloss. The best way to find out is by scheduling a consultation with your stylist and setting up custom treatments at your local Fort Collins hair salon.

Here at Facetté, we offer a variety of treatments to meet specific needs and maintain healthy hair.

4. Protect your hair from harsh elements.

Some harsh elements can strip your hair of color and increase the likelihood of fading, so it’s a good idea for color clients to avoid submerging their hair in chlorine water or salt-water. Additionally, we recommend protecting your hair against extensive sun exposure.

Now, we’re not telling you that you have to avoid the sun to keep the hair of your dreams, but you should take care and cover up with a hat whenever possible.

5. Come see your stylist!

There are plenty of things your stylist can do for you in between appointments, starting with a hair cut or trim. Split ends tend to fade much quicker, so it’s better to trim those up sooner rather than later.

If your hair is beginning to look dull or feel dry, your stylist can also suggest and schedule a hair treatment to alleviate those issues. The difference between treated and untreated hair is huge!

A gloss or toner can add significant depth, shine, and tone back into lifeless hair. Not to mention, these add-on treatments can you achieve healthier hair overall.

If you find yourself googling “How do you keep your hair color from fading,” you might want to consult with your stylist first. Perhaps, they’ll send you home with some new products or schedule another appointment to treat your hair between colors. Either way, the professional advice will be a huge help to you!

Get in Touch

While these tips and tricks will definitely help your hair hold onto color longer, you will ultimately need to work out a plan and regimen with a professional stylist. Regular maintenance is unavoidable if you want beautiful, healthy hair.

Get in touch with a team member at our Fort Collins hair salon today.

– Mollie Etienne

Master Stylist & Educator

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