The Truth Behind Hair Myths: Fact or Fiction

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Hair Myths.

You’ve heard them, you’ve believed them, and you’ve changed your routine to put new practices into place. But not all hair myths are true! We’re here to set you straight and give you the honest facts when it comes to healthier, happier hair.

Let’s get started.

The Truth Behind These Hair Myths: Fact or Fiction

Fact or Fiction: Coloring your hair causes damage.


Coloring your hair will not cause excessive damage or breakage. As long as you see a professional stylist and follow their hair care instructions, using the right products and procedures, you’ll be completely fine! No need to listen to this myth about hair.

Fact or Fiction: You should be washing your hair every day.


Washing your hair every day can actually do more harm than good. To avoid over-drying the strands and preventing your natural oils from distributing evenly throughout the scalp, our professional hair stylists at Facetté recommend washing your hair one to three times a week, if possible!

At first, the transition from daily washing to periodic washing might be hard (and oily), but there are tools that can help! Dry shampoo will become your best friend, and we sell some amazing options at our hair salon in Fort Collins.

Fact or Fiction: Using professional-grade hair care products will make a difference in the health of your hair.


We get it: the hair products you picked up from Target are less expensive and promise the same results, but between the two of us, that simply won’t happen. There’s a reason your hair stylist recommends certain products to you. It’s because those products will work, maintaining and improving hair health while eliminating the risk for damage control in the future.

Fact or Fiction: Extensions will ruin your natural hair and cause breakage.


If you are listening to your stylist and following their care and maintenance instructions, you won’t experience breakage or damage whatsoever to your natural hair. However, DIY extensions or neglecting proper care can result in unhealthy hair and inconsistent breakage.

Fact or Fiction: Regular hair trims will make your hair grow faster.


We’re constantly mythbusting hair growth theories because, no matter how talented your stylist is, regular trims cannot speed up the growing process! Hair growth happens at the root, not the ends. Nonetheless, your hair might appear to grow at a slower rate if the ends keep breaking, so regular trims can prevent that cycle and make the hair growth more apparent.

Fact or Fiction: When you pluck a grey hair, more will grow back in its place.


Despite what myths about hair you’ve been told, grey hairs don’t multiply after you pluck them. They will, however, grow back – and grow back grey. Because plucking can actually lead to thinning hair and damaged follicles, we recommend leaving the gray hair in place and addressing the issue at your next color appointment.

Got more questions about other hair myths?

Any one of our professional stylists at our Fort Collins hair salon would be happy to help! With years of experience and a focus on consistent training, Facette offers custom cuts, colors, treatments, and styles to fit every kind of hair. Get in touch today!

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