Hair Extensions 101

You may have seen them on our Instagram or Facebook page as they certainly capture your attention – we’re here to chat about hair extensions, friends! Instantly add dramatic length and volume with luxurious Bello-Haven extensions, 100% luxury human hair extensions.

Why people get hair extensions

  1. Obvious length and volume
  2. Hair has thinned
  3. Experiment with hair color
  4. Bad haircut (fill in holes, hide layers)
  5. Accessories (clip in – braid, etc.)
  6. Wedding or event hair (clip in or permanent)
  7. Unable to grow hair past a certain point
  8. Have the dream hair they always wanted

Is this long luscious mane of hair mine, you ask? Yes, because I bought it! I get asked about my long thick hair constantly, so I thought I would start sharing with all of you why I have extensions and a little information about them.

I have had multiple types of installation methods when is comes to hair extensions. Most all of them had their perks along with cons and we can save some of the details for a later post. My hair is fine and thin. Majority of this is due to a thyroid condition. Long full hair is always something I have wanted. My hair will never get there on its own, but with the help if extensions I have the hair of my dreams. 

There are so many installation methods out there and I believe not one shoe fits all! I currently have BelloHaven hair extensions, micro i-tip, a local company to Colorado. This method is non-adhesive, non-damaging, and the absolute thickest but weightless extension I have put my hands on. The length of mine is 22 inches. Each strand is a two-gram double drawn hair.

  • Taylor Ramos, Partner, Master Stylist, Extension Specialist, Color Educator & Specialist 

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