Falls Hottest Hair Trend

We want to share with you one of falls hottest trends and as you maybe guessed it, it’s Auburn hair!  This red is lovely. It is subtle sunrise blondes and brunettes with a blush of warm rose or fire!

It’s about time for the icy, grey blondes of the last few years fall out of fashion (in my humble opinion) and for us to embrace the warmth that all of us have fought for the last three years at the detriment of condition, length and suitability.

I encourage you to try one of falls hottest trends for 2019 and take time to enjoy healthy, shiny, luscious hair (while it’s posh).  However, we must discuss the necessary steps so you can begin now to get your hair “redhead worthy” and gain the tools to maintain your firey locks. (If your brunette, skip to step 2)

  1. First things first, heal that hair girl. It is important after all the lightener, to repent and let some warm glow through. (This step may require a little therapy, which we are not liable for). Prepare your soul with substituting the “toner”  for a Treatment and a healthy trim. This will begin the healing process and get you used to the softer look of a more natural blonde.  
    1. Small side note, you may need a more corrective service if your hair is very blonde or damaged. If you’re concerned, call us and we schedule a consultation!
  2. Did I mention a treatment? Our climate demands that we treat our hair with protein, moisture or both! “Beautiful color starts with healthy hair” will always be our mantra!
  3. How you care for your hair matters. The product you use either help or hurt your hair, there is no in-between. Something as seemingly benign as hairspray can create a myriad of challenges with the condition. So invest in your hair, it’s the crown you never take off!
  4. Finally, great practices at home will help prolong your copper love affair.
    1. Always use the shampoo that is formulated to work the color line used on your hair for best retention of color.
    1. Use as little heat as possible.  When you do use Styling tools, ALWAYS use thermal protection. This will help prevent early fading and keep you from burning your hair (PSA- the only cure for burned hair is a haircut).
    1. Shampoo as infrequently as possible with the use of Dry Shampoo. Use it starting day one (clean hair) and add a little each day for best results.
    1. Shampoo in COLD water. Water as cold as your soul. When I had red hair I would shower separate from shampooing my hair. I shampooed in the coldest water and it really helped preserve my color.
    1. Also, gloss it once a month for optimum intensity and vibrancy! Schedule it with a blow out before date nite!

You are now fully equipped with all the knowledge on how to become and maintain your new fall look! I’ll leave you with a quote from Mark  Twain on redheads; “When red-headed people above a certain social grade their hair is Auburn”.   May your hair become and stay Auburn. – Krissy

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