Facials Are More Than Just Pampering

Mention that you’ve got an appointment for a facial, and you’ll notice lots of raised eyebrows and a few eye rolls. Often time’s people see them as ineffective or something to do when you have some extra cash and want some pampering. While it’s true that facials can be relaxing and can even feel indulgent, the fact is that they’re an important part of a good skincare regimen.

Facials are a preventative measure; they can help get your skin into shape over time, as long as you do your part at home in between appointments. Regular facials provide benefits to your skin’s health, appearance, and can be used to treat specific skin problems you may be experiencing. Uneven skin tone, signs of aging, and even acne can be reduced with regular facials (about every 4-6 weeks is ideal). Here are a few benefits you’ll gain by taking the time for regular facials. 

Rejuvenation & Relaxation
Facials are perfect for relaxing facial, neck and shoulder muscles. We deal with stress in our daily lives and taking the time for a facial helps to cope with this stress while leaving our skin refreshed, renewed, and rejuvenated no matter which of our facials you choose. 

Exfoliation & Cleansing
You can exfoliate at home, however, it doesn’t compare to the deep cleansing you’ll get with a facial. We exfoliate and cleanse your skin thoroughly by removing dirt, dead skin, and environmental toxins. After one of our facials, you’ll leave with unclogged pores and with skin that feels soft and smooth and looks as radiant as ever.  

Improvement of Circulation
All of our facials include a massage component that helps to stimulate good circulation. Good circulation means more oxygen brought to the skin tissue, naturally helping with the rejuvenation process. Better oxygen flow naturally keeps your skin younger-looking, brighter and healthier by stimulating collagen production and skin cell renewal. 

Personalized Skin Assessment
When you come in for a facial, your esthetician can provide you with a customized skin assessment. This is helpful to determine which facial is best for you, but also to spot and address any developing skin issues before they become a problem. We can customize a treatment to help resolve current issues and prevent new ones. 

To recap, a good facial will have lasting after-effects too. The massaging action of a professional facial will increase blood flow and oxygenation, and help drain and remove toxins. Because someone else is doing the massaging, you can lay back and relax. Your skin will look and feel good, and so will you. Here at Facette, we can customize our facials to fit your specific needs and have a few options to choose from to suit your skin condition. We even offer back treatment. Our medically trained aestheticians will have you looking and feeling your very best.  If you’d like to learn more or you’re ready to pamper yourself, give us a call (970) 223-1211.

– Kimberly Gray, Esthetician

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