Dermaplaning – a Client’s Perspective

woman with permanent makeup

Some people, like myself, were really curious about dermaplaning. Once I talked to an amazing Esthetician, Jenna, at Facette, I had a better understanding of it and what the benefits are for having this service done.

While I was laying there getting dermaplaned, I felt so relaxed that I almost fell asleep! Don’t get me wrong, I was a little nervous about this treatment because it’s being done with a scalpel. But, there is nothing to worry about at all, especially afterward when your face feels and looks GREAT!

Dermaplaning has awesome benefits like super soft skin, my face looked brighter and it allows for better product absorption. I also realized that when I applied makeup, it looked and felt flawless. I have never had my skin feel so good, but it does slough off all the dead skin cells and excess hair on your face, so why wouldn’t it?

I will continue to have this service done to my face because my skin feels beautiful and glowy afterward. I’m in love!

Katie, Facette Client

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