Continued Education – the Key to Great Hairstylists and Your Hair Experience

We all love our hairstylists, don’t we?! We trust them with our hair, confidence and so many parts of our lives. We all know that hairstylists go to beauty school but oftentimes what we love most about them is that they are always learning and growing to bring us the best, most updated styles.

At Facette, myself, as well as the other stylists’, value continued education within our individual careers and as a team. We have an associate program where we pay our new stylists out of school to take in-depth classes in order to offer all of you as clients the best, fresh talent for your experience and set them up for success in their careers.

When I was fresh out of school at the Aveda Institute Denver, I thought I knew so much and was so prepared for everything I would come across in the industry. I started my career in an associate program and within the first week, I realized how very little I knew. I took 4 months of extensive classes perfecting my techniques and practicing on mannequin heads and models before I ever even got on the floor to perform actual services on clients in the salon.  I consider this one of the best things I ever did for my career and it’s why I have such a huge passion for educating.

These stylists and educators poured their hearts into making me the best stylist I could possibly be, and now, years later some of my business partners at The Hair Experience. How crazy life changes sometimes but looking back I credit so much of where I am today to these women and mentors that took me under their wing and helped me soar. So as new stylists join our tribe at the salon, our hope is that your experience is enhanced in the best way. Our goal is to raise up the best stylists in the industry to care for our incredible guests for generations to come!

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