What to Look for When Choosing a Spa

How do you pick the right med spa for you? Who can you really trust for your personal beauty needs? Here is a check list before choosing…

1. What are your goals? Think about what areas of interest you want to address the most, so we can begin there with the most efficient solutions.

*Is it pigment or dark spots, wrinkles, loose skin, hair removal, volume loss in your face, (weight gain in spot areas on the body…potential cool sculp), aching pain and joints, redness, thin skin or veins exposed in your hands, internal dehydration, or want a beautiful makeup application for a night out on the town?

*Maybe it could be the dull dehydrated skin we all get in Colorado and you want that moisture and glow back? All of the above? So many treatments are intertwined, and many also very specific. We do it all at Facetté…

2. What is your big event or time frame that you might consider to get there?

*Weddings, graduations, reunions, anniversaries, etc.?

3. Are you willing to commit to you being the focus of your happiness to feel better about yourself, at any age?

4. Do your research on the staff.

Do they look the part and have credible experience in the industry?

Make a visit and talk face to face to see if they really seem to care about your best interest at heart.

Do they have a variety of staff that all have a specialty that could be of interest?

Most staff can do it all, but a varied range of age and specific talents or modalities are a plus.

5. Sales pitches are cheeky, but true results are priceless! At Facetté, we build relationships, not just a quick fix. The outcome can stop the clock, take back time, and give you “your” youthful self again. We are a close team that take your life and happiness very seriously.

6. FYI…Skincare is a must! 70% of what we do is up to you at home by using the best products.

Bonus? Three of our staff members are co-founders and owners which is a huge value, knowing you’ll get personalized treatment from professionals who truly care! This business is our passion and we enjoy every minute at work doing what we love! We support each other with the utmost respect to push that zest of complete balance for true happiness in life.

8. Investigate and communicate…that’s all it takes! The truth will prevail.

– Shawnae Jebbia

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