Calligraphy Cut in Fort Collins

This isn’t your average haircut – no, each Calligraphy Cut in Fort Collins uses a new, innovative technique to deliver healthier hair and long-lasting volume! And just like all of our great haircuts in Fort Collins, it starts with the right tools.

Unlike shears or scissors to trim and style the hair, the Calligraphy Cut method utilizes a calligraphy “pen” or blade to produce more angular cuts that seal the hair and prevent future split ends. As an added bonus, the blade expands the tip of the hair’s surface by 270%, resulting in additional bounce, movement, and volume. 

From bobs, to bangs, to sleek trims, the calligraphy hair cut is perfect for all hair types – especially thin or feathery textures!



calligraphy cut


  • Added volume
  • Protective seal against split ends
  • Bouncier & stronger hair
  • Allows hair to retain shape and health over longer periods of time

Pricing for services will depend on a few external factors such as hair volume and length, service desired, and stylist’s experience. If you are unsure or would like advice on haircut services, please contact us for a complimentary consultation.


  • Invigorating hand massage
  • Stress-relieving head, shoulder, and neck massage
  • Exfoliating hand scrub
  • Relaxing foot soak
  • Steam towels for your neck
  • Blowout (style)





Depending on your current hair and the desired style, the time will vary. On average, your haircut appointment could last between 30-60 minutes. Keep in mind, calligraphy haircuts do take a little bit longer since the hair is sectioned out in smaller pieces, so this time may be extended at our Fort Collins hair salon.

Because of the additional time and training required to create a Calligraphy Cut and added benefits, a Calligraphy Cut will generally cost a bit more than a typical haircut. The actual price will depend on your hair type and your stylist’s experience, so make sure you discuss any questions with us beforehand!

Absolutely! The Calligraphy Cut keeps your ends healthy and retains shape and volume for longer periods of time. Not only will your hair feel better, but it will look better as well!

Of course! While a Calligraphy Cut on fine hair adds beautiful volume, it also protects thicker hair from acquiring split ends! The angular cut allows each strand to better absorb product, helping your hair remain healthy.

Yes! This cut is available for both men’s and women’s hair cuts. It truly looks great on everyone. 

Unique. Magical. Perfect.

These are just three words that come to mind when thinking about the Calligraphy Cut.

What is the Calligraphy Cut?

The Calligraphy Cut is a new, innovative technique to cut hair using the Calligraphy “pen”. Master stylist Frank Brormann invented the special blade that, unlike scissors, cuts each strand of hair at a special angle, so that the tip of each hair’s surface is up to 270% larger – resulting in additional bounce, movement, and volume. The Calligraphy Cut started in Germany in the last ten years and since moved to the US about 4-5 years ago. We’re lucky to have several stylists experienced in the technique–it hasn’t even reached every state yet!

The Calligraphy Cut is unique because the Calligraphy “pen” can do something no other tool can do. It’s magical because the more you cut the hair, the bigger the hair gets. It’s perfect, because the shape can be customized to your specific hair type and styling needs.

This customizability means that it is a great choice for everybody–it will maximize your hair, adding fullness and volume. Worried about thick hair? It’s perfect for that, too. The Calligraphy Cut will help add movement and shape, bringing the life back to your fabulous mane.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time you experienced the wonders of the Calligraphy Cut for yourself. Give us a call at 970-223-1211 to make an appointment for your first Calligraphy Cut.

–Nichelle Nigro, Gold-Certified Calligraphy Cut Artist/Master Stylist

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